At the Cordefactum lecture in late may 2014 I showed some vacuum techniques I use in my daily work; the most useful ones for me are clearly related to holding the workpieces i’m working on.

Key advantages, compared to traditional clamping methods, are:

– Speed

– Ergonomy

– Stabilituy

– Access to all the surface

– Even distribution of holding pressure

The fixture i use the most is by far the one pictured below:


It’s basically a big suction cup in a rotating vise, mounted on an adjustable post; on it you can hold a whole guitar, as such:

140527_5273256  140527_5273257

140527_5273259  140527_5273258

Or you can make fixtures to work on parts; with MDF, for example, you can even use the ‘breathing’ of the base to hold a top or back without extra clamping:

140527_5273261  140527_5273262

Working every day on such demanding tasks, all the help you can get is welcome, and these fixtures have made a huge difference making many procedures more efficient but especially more sustainable for my body in the long run. It’s not worth the investment as a basic tool for beginners, yet various professional colleagues that i showed it to are starting to use similar setups in their daily work.