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Over the years Daniele has worked with every kind of guitar making materials and today makes both spruce and cedar top instruments. Having started by making the more traditional spruce top guitars and enjoying the richer tone it gave. Having now worked to eliminate the common deficiencies that classical players found with cedar top guitars he has been able to enhance the positives features of their sound and Daniele now declares himself satisfied with both and likes them each in their different ways for what they offer the player.

The precision that Daniele consistently builds into his instruments is building him an enviable reputation. Precision that is common to both spruce and cedar top guitars and spans their set up, fingerboard, general construction and detailing.

Tuning MachineBoth spruce and cedar models are fitted with an exclusive, custom made, tuning machine that matches the design of the guitar. Once completed the standard guitars are supplied in a protective hard shell case.

However the choice remains in the hands of those who play and the sound they wish to create and he offers both his take on traditional spruce and contemporary cedar types of guitars in his catalogue.

The Daniele Chiesa Spruce Top Guitar

Although spruce top guitars are seen as the more traditional classical guitar the techniques Daniele uses in their construction make them just as modern as his cedar top instruments.

Recognising that many traditional spruce top guitars had shortcomings that made them limiting for the contemporary repertoire and performances in larger venues. Daniele believes that he has eliminated many of the problems but continues with work to develop his guitar depth and quality of sound.

Those who play one of Daniele’s Spruce guitars reflect not only on their precise sound but also they hear the individuality and character that he builds into every instrument. No longer is lack of volume, weak bass depth and thin sounding trebles a problem.

The Daniele Chiesa Cedar Top Guitar

Daniele has worked to give the Cedar guitar models he makes a sound closer to that of his spruce instruments however they still posses their own character. A sound defined by one concert player as ‘sprucy’ sounding instruments, yet is clearly a cedar top. Continuing to establish a reputation as a fine instrument Daniele’s cedar models are finding new aficionados among guitar agents, artists and collectors.

The artists who play his Cedar instruments find them more comfortable to play in live performance as they offer, along with strong volume, quick response and a wide colour palette while being more forgiving of nail noise. Many modern cedar top guitars on the market sound hollow and noisy when played at higher volume or softly. Played loudly Daniele’s instruments deliver a clear, bright sound with the voice of the cords being clearly heard. When played softly they are clear enough to be heard at the back of the venue but offer a more subtle nuance for greater dynamic expression.

The small things that set a Daniele Chiesa guitar apart.

Along with the craftsmanship that only a true master guitar maker can build into each instrument, the artists, teachers and collectors who invest in a classical guitar made by Daniele Chiesa expect the sound to be right and every detail to be perfect. As with all bespoke instruments of this quality, like works of art, proof of their provenance is important to realising their true value in the future.

Consistency continues to be the watchword of Daniele’s work. For years he has methodically worked to closely monitor a narrow range of variations during the production process, even taking into account the natural variations that occur in the wood he uses. By precisely understanding these fine variations he is able to control the consistent quality of the end product. This level of control is just one of the measures that give his customers the confidence when ordering a custom made guitar that the instrument they will receive will play in line with the way the one they heard or played.

During production each guitar is given a certificate of authenticity, it is tracked through his workshop and at each stage of the process it is photographed, numbered and catalogued. Even the DNA of each individual Instrument he makes can be traced using the wood from the sound hole that he keeps as part of the authenticity procedure.

CompetaToday you’ll find Daniele
and his family at home in Competa

Regarded as the home of the classical flamenco guitar Andalucía has drawn many talented players and skilful artisan makers to its vibrant cities and White Mountain villages.

Now established as a maker of fine classical guitars Daniele has settled into his life as a husband and father. The two parts of his life could not be more different, on one hand his temperature controlled workshop smells of the beautiful woods he works with and offers him a tranquil environment. His home on the other hand reflects his Italian roots where family and good food are celebrated.

Here is a small gallery of Daniele’s work… please click on the thumbnails to see full size photographs