A growing number of guitar virtuosos, teachers and collectors understand the small differences that Daniele puts into his instruments

As testament to the sound quality and ease of playing that Daniele builds into each of his classical guitars, many established and emerging artists have chosen an instrument from his catalogue and had it individually made for them.

  • Vladimir Gorbach
  • Sanja Plohl
  • Merce Font
  • Ivan Petricevic
  • Ilija Tosic
  • Fabio Bussola
  • William Vitali
  • Matteo Leidi
  • Jonathan Parkin
  • Dmitry Murin
  • Ivan Murin
  • Oscar Ghiglia
  • Kuzma Filimonov
  • Tom Van de Venne
  • Herman Schamp
  • Ljubica Bukvic
  • André Gross
  • Floria Nica

Sample playlist